Ed (15 Feb 2011)
"Computers & Cookies"

Hello everyone:
I don't know if you've ever thought of this, but are you aware of how many data collecting cookies websites place on your computer?  It truly is astonishing.  This letter is about setting your computer so that you do not receive all of these unnessecary data collectors.  If you've already set your computer cookie acceptability to "prompt" you'll be able to verify what I'm saying.  And, you may skip the rest of this letter.
One word of warning.  If you take these steps, you will be slowed down for awhile until most unwanted cookies have been blocked as the computer will prompt you as to what to do.
Some cookies you need to keep.  Any site visited that requires certain information, such as a password, or registration, those sites use a cookie to verify that you are you on your return to their website.  On the other hand, any cookie that is not directly related to the site being visited, is up to no good.  So, if you visit a link to read a news story, but no registration is involved, and there is no reason for that site to place a cookie on your computer, I believe you should refuse that cookie.  You can always go back and allow it later if it turns out you need it.
So, if you're not interested in managing data cookies, you can stop reading now.  If you do want to stop unnesecary cookies, here are the how to's.  BEFORE YOU DO THIS, BE SURE THAT YOU KNOW ALL OF YOUR PASSWORDS AND LOGINS FOR REGISTERED SITES AS THIS WILL REMOVE THAT INFORMATION>
On you browser toolbar, goto TOOLs > INTERNET OPTIONS > PRIVACY > ADVANCED.
Choose Prompt (both prompts)
Click okay.  The little pop up will close.  Now goto sites.  You'll see the list of cookies on your computer.  Click remove all.
You now have no cookies on your computer.  As you visit sites, you will be prompted to allow a cookie.  My rule of thumb is...if the cookie comes from the website I'm visiting, then I'll take it.  If it doesn't bare the name of the website I'm visiting, I refuse it.
EX:  I go to foxnews.com.  I get a prompt that the website "foxnews.com" wants to place a cookie on my computer, I say allow it.  As soon as I do that, another cookie pops up from "adclick.com"  Nope, don't want that or any subsequent cookie from that site.
I have been doing this for years.  It takes a bit of adjustment to get used to it, but after awhile,  its just part of surfing the web.
Felt led to put this out there for the doves.  Holler if you need help, or ignore it if you aren't concerned about these things.
For anyone NOT already doing this...you will be amazed at the number of data cookies that have been placed on your computer without your knowledge.