Devorahli Rod (24 Feb 2011)


This is the translation from Spanish
It looks like there are a few words in here that it had trouble translating, but this should cover the majority of it.

I dreamed I went to visit an old woman dying in a hospital and I started to speak of Se ~ o(God). Then I met a young man who looked like a bum and gave him food and clothing. Some government people visited me and told me I could not tell anyone of Christ and that this young man was studying the Koran with them. These people were the government. I told them I was not forcing anyone to believe me but they took photographs. Then I was like in a restaurant and heard the sound of a copier. They were making copies of the photos I had taken and started distributing them. I do not give any. I asked someone to teach me l q; as copies and gave them to me. They gave me several sheets of paper between them was me, but the other leaves caused amazement and disgust me it was as a butcher, a hospital and other things .. can not remember q Rechazoy I felt the mockery of them to me. Then I was climbing the stairs with many people and they were going to lock us up or kill us. End of dream.
Under His Wings,
devorahli rod