Donna Danna (2 Feb 2011)

I just read this very interesting article called World Powers Stunned After Message From “God” Broadcast at

The article begins by stating "A mysterious Russian Space Forces (VKS) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that on 28 January our world was “officially” contacted by an extraterrestrial/ inter-dimensional intelligence source whose communication “beacons” descended upon the world’s holiest city of Jerusalem and the American State of Utah, home to The Church of Latter Days Saints (Mormons) delivering a rapid energy pulse of information that, roughly, translates to “Be of no fear as [we-it-I] return”.

This report states that the subjective personal pronouns contained in these messages (we-it-I) are all inclusive and related to specific geographical points on our Earth.

Most astounding of all were that these communication “beacons” were videotaped in action by hundreds of people in both Jerusalem, and Utah as evidenced by the many postings of this mysterious event to YouTube and other such sites around the world.  [Jerusalem video of this event can be viewed here and here. Utah video of this event can be viewed here.]

In the videos taken of this mysterious event in Jerusalem a white UFO-like light can be seen descending upon the Dome of the Rock [photos 1st and 2nd left], hovering over it, then, suddenly, giving off a “burst” of energy then accelerating at great speed upwards where it joined other similar like red objects in the sky before they all disappear into the heavens.

In the video taken of this mysterious event in Utah, likewise, red UFO-like objects were seen dropping white-lighted communication “beacons” towards the ground where they gave off “bursts” of energy before ascending again into the heavens."

(The rest of the article can be read at the above link.  As you know, this sounds like a setup so that people will believe a lie that they really heard from God when they actually heard from fallen angels in UFO's disguised as aliens.  That way when they land on Earth and miraculous wonders begin to happen, people will think that they are dealing with God.)