Donna Danna (16 Feb 2011)
"All children to be registered in national biometric records"

All children to be registered in national biometric records

Critics in Mexico have charged that the Mexican effort to enroll school children in a national biometric personal identity database involves the early implementation of an incremental "new world order" plan designed to fit into initiatives designed under the Security and Prosperity Partnership to evolve the North American Free Trade Agreement into a continental or regional North American Union governmental structure.

WorldNet Daily also reportedthat the Trusted Traveler of North America cards the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, or CBP, is in the process of issuing are being branded, not with a map of the United States, but with a logo that depicts North America as a continent, with the borders between the U.S. and Canada and between the U.S. and Mexico conspicuously absent.