Donna Danna (12 Feb 2011)

This is in response to the 2/11 post at called To Suzi & Doves re: "V" and Fallen Angels
The question is do all fallen angels take on the form of aliens and look like small gray ugly creatures.  Not according to the article below that I copied and pasted about an 8 ft. tall blonde haired, blue eyed female alien ET.  I have also read articles in the past that some aliens appear to have blonde hair and blue eyes, and they have the appearance of looking like humans.  Just type blonde haired blue eyed aliens into Google's search bar or type in Nordic aliens, and see how many articles you come up with.  Supposedly they are from the Pleiades. 
It's also possible that some of the fallen angels who weren't chained up later captured women on Earth and created another race of hybrids just like the fallen angels in Genesis 6 did when they went into women and created a race of giants which were destroyed in the great flood during Noah's time.  However, there were giants on Earth again during David's time because he slayed the giant Goliath and two other giants were slain as well.  So it's very possible that some of the other fallen angels, who weren't chained up, have again created another race of hybrids whom we call aliens.  So both these hybrids and the fallen angels could both be appearing to us as the aliens with the fallen angels shapeshifting to look like them.
Also don't forget 2 Corinthians 11:14 which tells us that Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light, and he's certainly a fallen angel.  Then there is Maitreya, a false Christ who promotes himself as the Christ, and his disciple Benjamin Creme once saw Maitreya shapeshift himself to look like Benjamin Creme's identical twin brother.  It sounds like Maitreya might be a fallen angel himself, and I wouldn't be surprised if a fallen angel can shapeshift himself to look like anyone dead or alive including our dead relatives.

The Tall White ETs

"The Colonel and the Major went into a cubicle where there were about twenty officers and civilians sitting around. Wilson was startled, when a woman came in who was at least eight feet tall. There was not an ounce of excess fat on her body, he recalls. She wore a strange-looking jump suit, which had a * HI * pattern on the right side above the breast line. To this day Wilson recollects the details of this striking encounter."

"The woman had finely-chiseled features. Her blonde hair cascaded neatly past her shoulders. Her eyes were the bluest blue I'd ever seen. Somehow she was different. Little did I know then, how different! She sat a large crystal on the table, and without warning, her fingers began to glow as she ran them over this crystal. A 3-D hologram began to form above it! I looked around the room and everyone's mouth was hanging open, and suddenly I noticed mine was, too. Little did I realize that at that moment my life would forever be changed. My past teachings slipped from me as I stared. My whole concept of life did a 180-degree turn, as I watched the Hologram, complete with sound, unfold the mysteries of the past and the present, and of other worlds."

"Colonel Wilson related that among the scenes, which the female extraterrestrial's crystal hologram displayed for the assembled group, was the history of the Earth and of extraterrestrial involvement with it. That involvement included fashioning the consciousness of Jesus and sending him to live among Earthlings to point to a better way to understand life and to live. The extraterrestrial woman also showed the officers and scientists scenes from inhabited planets of other star systems. Wilson was transformed by this experience. When it was over, I knew that, whatever part I was to play in all of this, my life as I knew it had ended forever."


(I bet you that this blonde haired alien ET is not promoting the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins.)