Donna Danna (11 Feb 2011)

Enoch's grandson Lamech's age at death was 777, and the number 777 represents the resurrection.  777 is divisible by the #37 which is also Jesus' personal number since His name Jesus Christ 2368 in Greek is also divisible by the #37.  Enoch's father Jared is the only other patriarch of the 10 Patriarchs listed in Genesis 5 whose age at death is divisible by the #37.  Jared's age at death was 962.  So I wonder if Lamech's age of 113 when Enoch was raptured represents the year 2013 since the yr. 1999 could be written as '99 and the year 2000 as 100. Then Lamech's age of 113 when Enoch was raptured might represent the yr. 2013 with the possibility of it being the saints' year of the rapture-resurrection.
In two of my previous posts of 1/15 at  and  I discussed possible dates in the future that the rapture-resurrection might take place in 2012 or 2013.  Then in my 1/12 post at I mentioned that the year 2013, Jesus 888 in Greek and Enoch 1455 in Greek all have the same ending number of 63 as shown below which made me wonder if the rapture will take place in 2013:
3 thru 63 = 2013
34 thru 63 = 1455 (ENOCH in Greek)
48 thru 63 = 888 (JESUS in Greek)
Another interesting thing that I discovered about the year 2013 is the fact that the numbers 178 thru 188 = 2013 also.  Inside of those numbers is 1656 which is the year the flood began in Noah's time since 180 thru 188 = 1656, and inside those numbers is the age of Adam's death at age 930 since 184 thru 188 = 930.  Notice that all 3 sets of numbers end with the same number of 188.  So the number.  2013 contains both the flood date of 1656 which was also the year Methuselah died and Adam's age of death of 930 inside of it. Actually the numbers of 178 thru188 = 2013 contains both Enos 357 (Hebrew gematria) since 178 thru 179 = 357, and continuing on 180 thru 188 = 1656 so Enos 357 + 1656 yr. of flood = 2013.  It makes me wonder if the rapture-resurrection and the great tribulation will both begin in the year 2013 = 178 thru 188.  It is also interesting to note that the #177 close by thru the # 183 = 1260 (the 1260 days of the great tribulation period) followed by Adam's age of death at 930 in the numbers 184 through 188.
I know Clay Cantrell thought that the rapture was going to happen in 2010 because he found the year 2010 by beginning with Jared's age of 162 when his son Enoch was born, and he added the numbers 162 thru 167 to find the yr. of 987 when Enoch was raptured, and then when he added 162 thru 173 = 2010.  Then when he descended backwards by adding the numbers from 162 thru 154 = 1422, he found the year Jared (Enoch's father) died.  Also close by in the numbers 154 thru 157, he discovered the year Enoch was born in 622.  I don't remember if he mentioned it or not, but Enoch's son Methuselah's age 969 at death was also close by in the numbers 159 thru 164 followed by 666 in the numbers 165 through 168 followed by Noah 855 in Greek in the numbers 169 thru 173.  Cainan's age of 662 at Enoch's rapture can also be found close by in the numbers 164 thru 167.  Cainan was Enoch's great grandfather.
Some of the other patriarchs ages at death in Genesis 5 can also be found not too far away in the numbers as well.  177 through 181 = 895 Mahalaleel's age at death; he was Enoch's grandfather, and Jared's father.  Also the 1260 days of the great tribulation period are 177 thru 183.  179 thru 183 = 905 the age Enos died.  180 thru 183 = 726 yrs. Adam dies before the flood in 1656.  180 thru 184 = 910 age of Cainan at death.  182 thru 183 = 365 Enoch's age at his rapture.  184 thru 188 = 930 Adam's age at death.  188 thru 193 = 950 Noah's age at death.
However, I could find no numbers nearby for Seth's age 912 at death or Lamech's age 777 at death although if Lamech's age of 113 when Enoch was raptured is actually a clue to the rapture-resurrection being in 2013 that would be significant. However, I did find the resurrection #777 (Lamech's age at death) when I added the numbers 3 thru 39 which was close by the year of Enoch's rapture in 987 when I added the numbers 3 thru 44 = 987.  They both had the same beginning # of 3.  So Enoch's rapture year of 987 (3 thru 44) contains the resurrection # of 777 (3 thru 39) which was also Lamech's age at death.  I am just hoping that Lamech's age of 113 when Enoch was raptured represents the year of 2013.
As I stated above, the numbers 3 thru 44 = 987 the yr. Enoch was raptured.  I also found some other sets of numbers near by that proved interesting that also had the same ending # of 44.  The numbers 2 thru 44 = 989 Harpazo in Greek which represents the rapture. 7 thru 44 = 969 Methuselah's age at death, 8 thru 44 = 962 Jared's age at death, and 13 thru 44 = 912 Seth's age at death.  As a side note, Cainan's age of death at 910 is near by when you add the number 9 thru 43.
To get back to Lamech's age at death 777 which is also the resurrrection number that is divisible by Jesus' personal number of 37, I tried ascending from the number 37 since it is a very important number.  I found by adding the numbers upwards of 37 thru 55 = 874 which was the year Lamech was born.  37 thru 56 = 930 Adam's age at death, and 37 through 57 = 987 which the year Enoch was raptured.   By descending from the number 37, by adding 37 downwards through 28 = 325 which was the year Enos was born who was Adam's grandson.  325 written as 3-25 is also the Eve of the Passover in 2013.  Maybe it's the date of the rapture and maybe it's not.  It could be one of those other dates that I suggested as possibilities in my previous posts above or it could be some other date altogether.  Also near by is Enoch's age of 365 when he was raptured which you will find by adding the numbers 32 thru 41 = 365 so the number 37 is also included in Enoch's age at his rapture to heaven.
Since Lamech's age of 113 at Enoch's rapture might possibly represent the year 2013, I also tried ascending and descending from the #113 by adding 113 thru 124 = 1422 the year Jared (Enoch's father) died, and by adding 113 downwards thru 102 = 1290 which represents the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11.  As to whether or not the rapture-resurrection, the great tribulation of 1260 days, and the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11 begins in the year 2013 or not remains to be seen.
Also if you add up the ages at death of the 8 patriarchs that are in Genesis 5 which are Adam 930, Seth 912, Enos 905, Cainan 910, Mahahaleel 895, Jared 962, Methuselah 969, Lamech 777 who were all dead when the great flood took place plus Enoch's age of 365 who never died = 7625, both the total of 7625 is divisible by the prime number of 61 and so is the year 2013 divisible by 61 as well since 61 X 33 which is Jesus' age at death and resurrection = 2013.   So I don't know if it points to the rapture-resurrrection being in 2013 or not, but this is what the number 61 represents at  One of the meanings of #61 is "Lord" or "Adon" and another is "His blood." So we will have to wait to find out the actual year pf the rapture-resurrection.  It's like a great big puzzle, and God the Father aleady sees the complete picture which we are trying to piece together.