Dewey (28 Feb 2011)
"Restore America & Babylon"


Fellow Doves, may I humbly suggest that you look at the following prophecy given
recently in the USA ?  wordhtml?ID=9611  please?  You may have to make more than one effort to connect with this link to a
word by Teresa Phillips. It speaks of a great God directed move in America.  No I do
not expect it will convince the America is Babylon crowd, but I am directing to you at
least give it a looky see and consider it.  I already believe in America's restoration,
this is not my source, but an encouragement.
At the same time, if my postings regarding Bro Dimitru Duduman are too strong for
some, I have followed this man and his reported visions and conversations with a
certain angel, as Dimitru reported them,  for some years now, and I am the sort of
man who hears/reads a word or dream and vision, and then proceeds to check them
out, and revisit them later when time references have run their course, and if they
fail to occur as related, then I speak up when others reference them, seemingly not
concerned with the scrutiny these items should have.
When I first obtained the book " Through The Fire Without Burning " in '92, I set
aside a day to read the book without any family distraction, and as I was about to leave my house the Lord prompted me to take my Bible with me. Going back to get it
the phone rang, and the call distracted me, I forgot to take the Bible along to my get
away and read time.  I read the book thru in one setting, WOW WHAT A GREAT
TESTIMONY, WOW what a book, WOW what about these events to come to America ??!!!!!  WOW...........BUT...........two days later the Lord reminded me that He had prompted me to take my Bible along and I forgot it.  MAYBE THE LORD IS
thought.  So I checked out the verses as listed by the angel to Bro Dimitru.........DUH
TILT !   Jeremiah ch 51 vs 8-15, Revelation ch 18, and Zechariah ch 14.  NONE of these had any connection with America. It is so very clear to any student and or
scholar in the Bible and world history that Nebuchanezzar's army's  destruction of the Temple Of God built by Solomon has NOTHING to do with America. 1776 was a
looong time after Nebuzaradan captain of the guard, " burned the house of the Lord,
and the kings house, and all the houses of Jerusalem " as is told in Jeremiah ch 52
vs 12 & 13, in Usshers reckoned chronology of 588 BC.  588 yrs plus 1776 years puts America over 2000 yrs out of the planned vengeance of God over His Temple
as described in ch 51 vs 11.
So this is why I write of these things as I do, if anyone is offended, so be it, we are
clearly instructed in the scriptures to stand up for the truth or non truth of prophecy
when we hear of it, and of course, give it time to run its course if timings are involved
in the prophecies. That is why I keep these matters in a library and review them.
Bro Frank, you say you personaly knew this man, I cannot comment further here, I
have been restricted to " Through The Fire Without Burning " and the posted items
on Hand of Help website run by Micheal Boldea. 
Again, God Bless You Fellow Doves