Dewey (24 Feb 2011)
"Why Egypt, why Wisconsin ?"

Hi Mercer, why Wisconsin to kick off the unrest in the USA ?  That is not what is going on, at least what Duduman was speaking of, remember the Tea Party ?  Nov 2nd ?  Duduman's dreams and visions were bogus, simply put, check out his stuff
on Michael Boldea's site, and run the timelines on the dreams about the angel with
the book with three pages remaining, and the later dream with less pages.  Check it
out please, you will see that the time frames involved passed back in the '90's.
As well get a copy, FIRST EDITION of Through The Fire Without Burning, and compare it with the later editions. Changes without explanation, and Boldea has had
THREE Final Warnings, and the end is not yet.  And America is not Babylon, as is
referenced in the scripture quote in the book, America had absolutely NOTHING to
do with the destruction of The Temple King Solomon had built, NOTHING. Its in the
references referred to by the angel in the book. 
No offense Bro, just this is where I see this matter, Bless You Mercer, and Doves