Dewey (2 Feb 2011)
"To Bruce & Lisa"

Hi Bruce and Lisa, may I make a humble observation here ?  Without getting into Feasts and years of dates and
various events saying this and/or that, I'll put it this way:  I perceive that 69 AND 1/2 weeks have come into their
fulfillment up to the death of Jesus The Christ, then transition time began and is still ongoing, ( paralell with the
two days we, Israel,  are cast off, ) and when the Church has received into fellowship the last soul to be saved,
and The Father tells Jesus Go Get The Church, finally the Rapture occurs, much later than most thought it would
Them more transition time, who knows how will be awhile, months ? Years ? Possibly, but most likely a few months while several PRETENDERS come onto the Mid East and European Scene, and go from the
scene. Lotsa head bashing until one comes to the top.  Somewhere during this season the Two Witnesses come
upon the stage in Israel, while the Third Temple is being built.  They KEEP the pretenders and the AC off of the
Temple Site until their Testimony is finished, the AC whacks them, and suddenly the part of Who can make war
with the Beast ( sucessfully make war with him )  is in all of the Mid East's peoples faces. Then, and only then the
AC get his power to continue or wage war for 42 months.  The AC DOES NOT GET DOUBLE TIME over the 3 1/2
years that Jesus got !!  The time the witnesses have is part of the transition time leading up to the abom of desolation.  This shouldn't be hard to see.......from 33 AD to 70 AD was transition time, and on to 135 AD likewise.
WWII was hell on earth for millions, tribulation for sure for 6 million Jews, but the end was not yet as Jesus foretold.
And transition time continued to May 14th 1948, and still continues.
Clear as mud eh ?  ( No I am not canadian ) Some will construe my perspective as Mid Trib, no its not, the actual
Great Trib is 42 months, events before that, even what many have experienced since 70 AD is as Jesus said : In
the world you WILL have tribulation, But be of good cheer, I HAVE overcome the world.  So I see that the period of
time I call transition time  will include several events, including the " confirming of the covenant with many for one
week " and remember, this covenant will be broken in the midst of the week, it doesn't stand for the whole period,
and its gangbusters GREAT TRIB in your face in the Mid East, not world wide.  Over the 1/4 part of the earth. Not
world wide. 
As for curent affairs in The Mid East, it sure looks like the run up to the fulfillment of Obadiah, Psalm 83 and other
chapters in Isaiah 15, 17,& 19 is in motion, again, taking awhile to conclude.
This is the longest post on FiveDoves for me so far, too long. Sorry I wasn't intending to go on this far.
Bless You All