Dewey (2 Feb 2011)
"For Amanda/reDewey& for Suzi"

Hi Amanda, yes in Ohio you are far from where I am, BUT, the New Madrid Fault could also affect you possibly ??
As for when......I see us still unraptured all of this year 2011, and all of 2012, even into the next Prezency.  Why ??
This is what I have perceived in my spirit for some years.  And I am not carelessly saying this, I believe it.  You and
I will see much more come and go.
Hi Suzi, yes you are down south, where its suspected it will be even worse if the Big One hits and riots etc take
place, so yes please do prepare.  As for those who want to take from those who prepare.......well I am prepared
for that issue as well........An OFFENSIVELY Prepared Defense.  And, why would the Mormons stock up stash
against the day of trouble, and not be offensively ready ?  They're ready !  They believe in God and Country, and
that crowd is ready.
Blessings Doves