Dewey (12 Feb 2011)
"Re Mary Adams Letter"

Thank You Lady for sharing this story with us !! I long ago did something similiar at
a A Of G church camp at Pinecrest, near San Bernadino, Calif.  We wrote something
on paper, stuffed it into a pine cone and threw it into a fire and prayed over it. It seems like it was 1957, I am 67 now, and long thought of being a missionary also.
But it didn't go that way in my life.
Years later I did get to visit several countries as a tourist and sometimes as a guest in churches in Kenya, and the Phillippines in recent years.  Saw some awesome things when the Lord healed some during meetings and after meetings as I and others shared and prayed.  Once in a church in Tanay, Rizal Province, I was hot,
sweaty, miserable, hungry and NOT in the spirit !  But a few minutes later the Lord
had Crazy Charlie my business contact and I up front ministering with the congregation.  Too long to describe it here, but a lady was delivered from great fear,
fear almost visable to the eye.
Thank you for sharing The Letter.