Dee (1 Feb 2010)
"Numbers associated with the new moon Feb 3"

I never used to look at numbers.  Then I started reading Five Doves!   Now they intrigue me.

I have been reading about the new moon of Feb 3.  Here are some numbers associated with that day and new moon:

1090: The new moon of February 3 carries the lunation number of 1090.  I remember many posts about the number 109, some which mention that it is related to sudden destruction and one by Clay Cantrell that teaches us that Strong’s 109 (air) is used  in 1 Thess 4:17.

858: February 3, 2011 is 858 inclusive days from September 29, 2008.  John Tng shared with us that the first time Gabriel is mentioned in the Bible is in Daniel 8, which John points out is 858 in chapter order.

How I pray He is coming soon and very soon!

Dee, in Florida
Welcome to the Doves, Dee!