Deborah (6 Feb 2011)
"Middle East Uprisings:  Christians Let Us Remember Bible Prophecy"

"The riots in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and the future war of Psalm 83"
See above link: an excellent and timely article which views Middle East Uprisings in light of Bible Prophecy.
In Short: Curiously, the Magog War of Ezekiel 38 EXCLUDES: Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.  We know that God wins this war.
However, what has recently come to light is the war of Psalm 83, which does include these countries.  It has been speculated that Psalm 83 war comes first.  Israel is attacked, God defends them, trounces upon them, and thus these countries lose all appetite for further war with Israel.  Consequently, they are not part of the Magog War of Ezekiel 38.
Well, that’s the latest thinking in Bible prophecy.
So regardless of what these uprisings result in, the future wars with Israel are cast in stone (or I should say in the Bible), so they will happen.  Nothing we can do will stop it. 
All along through History God has desired that back-slidden Israel would turn to Him for their protection and support, and NOT run to Egypt.  So all these Christians going bizerk over the current uprisings in the middle east should settle down, dust off their bibles, and realize God is in control.  The Scriptures don’t tell us EVERYTHING that will happen……it just hits the highlights.  Regardless of the form of Gov’t the Middle East countries end up with, their future war activities are already pre-ordained.  If they weren’t, the Bible and God would be WRONG, and we know that can not be the case.
So while events unfold, let us pray that God will intervene favorably in the affairs of men so that these regime changes will be as bloodless as possible.  I am always in favor of alleviating the oppression and poverty caused by tyrannical dictators.  Pray that God will raise up a good man to help his people.
I will go on record that Netanyahu is not acting with spiritual discernment when he aids a tyrant, just so Israel will be “safe”.  That is leaning on and looking to EGYPT for SAFETY.  A BIG MISTAKE……always has been and always will be, in God’s eyes. By aiding a tyrant, Israel is just confirming and creating more reasons for Egypt to hate Israel, creating justifications for the Psalm 83 war.  When will Israel turn to God?....I know, not for 3 more wars.
Meanwhile, continue to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.  God is and always has been and always will be their protector and best ally.