Dave Molina (23 Feb 2011)
"To: Paul WilsonTime in NJ"

Does time exist in N.J. Well, I moved from New Jersey in High School back in 1978 to California and to this day, I have friends in N.J. "still hanging out". So no time does not exist there, in fact, there is a time warp, no need for watches or clocks, HA!!!! Just kidding Paul.

As far as New Jerusalem goes, it is hard to say. After all, time will still exist after the tribulation, for we know that there is 1000 years before Satan is loosed, and that a person will still be considered a kid at 100, and if you have not accepted Jesus by that time you will die. So if this continues I would think that time would exist. For clocks and watches, now here is an interesting thought, since we live forever, would they still be in seconds, minutes or hours? Perhaps, a year, decade and century. So you look at your watch and tell your friend I'll see you later, maybe around  1/2 past 4 centuries!!!!

Too much coffee this morning, I guess!!!