Dave (1 Feb 2011)
"...the MARK of his NAME (Rev. 14:1) found on Twitter.com!!!"

John and Doves:

While scanning the “Tweets” coming from Cairo Egypt this morning on Twitter.com, I noticed the mark of the beast right in the middle of the action in the Cairo.

Now you don’t have to join to scan Twitter. In the Twitter search bar:  http://twitter.com/  type:  AllahIslamQuran   in the search bar. Then click on that “image”, and you can read some of those “blasphemous” Tweets: http://twitter.com/AllahIslamQuran  The reason they are blasphemous, is because they contain the “serpents signature” on each one of them!


The “mark of the beast” is therefore…the mark of his NAME (Rev. 14:1), which contains that “ole serpent’s” signature straight out of Genesis 3: http://thewatchmanstime.com/Allah%20is%20the%20Devil.pdf


While you are there, click on my user name:  WatchinTheBeasthttp://twitter.com/#search?q=watchinthebeast  to see what I have been up to on Twitter!

In His Service,