Danny B (26 Feb 2011)
"Someone needs to read this poem"


It is a bit of a tear-jerker but enjoy.



One day as I was walking, I stopped to say a prayer.

I closed my eyes and found myself, in a valley, oh so fair,

Grand and wide with beauty, that was so beyond compare.

The greenest grass and bluest sky and flowers everywhere,

But the object of my attention, caused these away to fade,  

It was a white horse that was running, in the open glade.


He looked up as he saw me, and he ran right to my side.

The whitest white you’ve ever seen, fit for the purest bride.

And oh so big and graceful, like a cloud up in the sky,

And when our eyes meet that day, I thought that I would cry.

Like a long lost friend, he could not wait, to snuggle to my hand.

But as playful as a puppy and as gentle as a lamb,


And now a second presence came, that I wished not to annoy.

Though unseen it was everywhere, full of glory, love and joy.

And I felt Him speak into my ear, the words I longed to hear.

Well done my faithful servant,  I am glad that you are here

For I wish to give, you a word, to calm your biggest fear.

And to let you know that your prayers, I hold them oh so dear.


And now I felt Him point me, to a herd standing off a far.

The most beautiful horses playing,  brighter then a shinning star.

Tall and graceful, and full of strength, just waiting for their ride,

To show up and to claim them, and stand there by there side.


I see them Lord I said, but what connection are they to me.

I felt him smile as he said, they are for your family.


With that word came great peace and joy, my prayers of old repaid,

No greater gift could He have given, but now my dream begins to fade.


I marveled at what I just saw, and pondered what it meant.

And rested in the promise,  that the good Lord had just sent.


So practical me, thought and thought, and this action that I took,

I sat right down, and with great joy, I NAMED MY BIG HORSE LUKE.