Danny (23 Feb 2011)
"Jesus is coming.."

Hi John..

To all I just wanted to say I am a man, a person like everyone else. Trying my best to find and live the truth which is through Jesus the son that came in the flesh died for the world. There are so many voices out there and its very easy to get lost. So many saying Jesus is saying this or that, just keep your eyes on Jesus and stay in the word. Watch what we do, say, think, and see. Stay in prayer. Love our brothers and sisters, yes this means the ones we disagree with :). Love our enemy's. Jesus died for all sins yet this does not give us the right to stay in sin. He is coming for a church..you and me.. without spot or wrinkle. If your worried just confess your sins and He will forgive you and will cleanse you from all ALL unrighteousness. KNOW He loves you and keep your eyes on Him and He will not miss you when He comes for you will be watching and ready. Stay in prayer ALWAYS!