Dana Babka (21 Feb 2011)
"Night Vision of the Middle East and the Antichrist."

    I had a night Vision were I was in a Motel with my Dog.  I let him out to do his business and he ran across the parking lot road. I went after him and when I crossed the road I saw a Grey colored Cat among Trees. I then looked to see that my Dog had crossed another parking lot road and was in between two Rattle Snakes. On this side of the road was six Rattle Snakes. I woke up and wrote this down. Days have gone by and I have realized if you turn the drawing almost upside down it looks like the upper portion of Africa, and all the Middle East. The Rattle Snakes are located in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria Yemen, and what looks to be in the area of Nigeria. The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea represent the parking lot roads. I believe that the Grey colored Cat and the Trees represent (Daniels Leopard) or the Grecian Empire as they were located in the Turkey, Greece, Syria area.***I  also had a Quick Vision after I woke up and saw a Dog, which means a Biblical watch and then a raised up Snake, which I believe is the Antichrist. Then I saw a Grey Leopard.   In prayer the Holy Spirit confirmed that the Rapture will soon take place, and Satan is taking control of the Middle East Countries. This is the fulfilling of the Last days prophecies, surrounding Israel by there enemies.                                                                    Keep witnessing and watching for our Lord is coming soon.  Dana.