Clay Cantrell (9 Feb 2011)
"Jared = Jordan, Country Calling Codes match"

Readers -

in Genesis 5, the Patriarchs ages are all given.

Jared (Descend) is the one I watch, and his lifespan in years is


Jared and Jordan (river) mean the same thing: Descender. same root meaning.

If you want to make an international phone call to the Country of Jordan, you must dial the country code prefix, which is


this is a perfect match.

thus i theorize that the ten Genesis 5 Patriarchs can all be matched to countries, just as they can be matched to planets. remember:  Enoch is the seventh generation from Adam, with a Hebrew name value of 84. Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun with an orbital period of 84 years. perfect match. the Patriarchs are then easily matched to the planets in order from the sun. Jared is Saturn.

the countries are not easy to pin down like that and I'm not sure what country is what Patriarch - BUT, the match above is enough evidence to theorize with. i've theorized for years that to get into the Promised Land (fully understanding the why's behind the Lord's timing and plans on the Resurrection/Rapture), one must cross the Jordan (Jared) River (Numbers) to end up with the answers.

this article:

gives us plenty of reason to watch Jordan.

Jordan is Jared, imho

Jesus is coming!