Cindy (1 Feb 2011)
"A dove letter, with thanks"

Jesus, and His Saints.

I really want to thank this site and everyone for their own findings, verses of
His Holy Word, and information about these end times.  I am a believer that
there isn't much time left.  I do think God wants us to be serious not adhere
to any other word but His.  After reading yesterdays post of Susan and
Sabrina's Letters from The Lord I thought about myself and how I relate to God.
 I have been running back and forth with the issue about being spiritual and
for the light.  I really cannot let myself be deceived in a fog anymore.  I
understand now that Jesus Christ is the only way to Our Father period.  I think
being spiritual and reading numerous books is not it.  Lately I've been
bombarded with all these books that I just get lost.  I am bothered by it I
feel The Holy Spirit telling me it's junk because it is not His Holy Word.

::::  Thank you Jesus.  Reading about other gods, science, and star systems is
not going to get me to know you at all.  You know that has always been junk to
You.  Just silly, poor workings from the devil, accuser, spoiler, who wants to
steal our soul.  I should focus on only You and Your Book.  I have to remember
that You Jesus Christ are powerful and come from the most Highest Supreme
Existence.  You need no silly spacecraft or evil technologies to get our
attention. You are complete healing.  You are safety to pull us out to safety
whosoever surrenders a heart completely for You and adheres to Your Holy Word.
I do that now and forget about all other books, worries, and such worldly
things.  I rest in You now Lord. I want to try to give You a full warm heart
Lord not half.  Thank you for Your Saints' help for me Lord.  ::::

  I did not know how much this site and your letters would affect me for the
better.  You have all helped me understand how great thou art and love is from
The Lord of All Lords Kings of All Kings Jesus Christ.