Christina (26 Feb 2011)
"To Wendy & Doves - Muslim figure today who could be the 12th Imam & our AC?"

To Wendy,
I too have been trying to research the idea of who the Muslim religious figure who rises out of the Middle East could be.  I know that there are many posts and videos about BO as the AC figure, however, he really is not a "religious" figure nor someone that radical Islam would see as "holy."  I have written him off as someone whose heart helps enable the true AC into power.  After all, the Middle East would not come against Israel if they felt that the United States stood firmly by her side. 
So here is where my questions are gathering.  Is there a good candidate for the Al-Mahdi or 12th Imam presently on Earth?  Ahmadinejad claims that February 11th was the beginning of "God's rule on Earth" and a "diving awakening" and that the Al-Mahdi (12th Imam) is acting behind the scenes in the revolutions in Egypt and Libya (exactly as described in Daniel 7 and 11).  Here are the links to videos and news articles:
So if Ahmadinejad is saying that the Al-Mahdi is working behind the scenes, then he is here.  
Assuming that the Muslim Al-Mahdi or Messiah figure (12th Imam) is the Christian AC figure than I believe looking at the Islamists beliefs about their Mahdi would show us more about who our AC might be.  Here are a few facts about Al-Mahdi from the book Anti-Christ: Islam's Awaited Messiah that examines Islamic "scriptures" and holy texts.
-- He will be a descendant of Muhammad of the Fatimah line (Fatimah was one of Muhammad's daughters)
-- He will lead Muslims into many battles of Jihad to bring "justice" and a global caliphate to the world
-- Black flags coming from the East will be a sign that the Mahdi's appearance will be soon
-- He will be a spiritual, political and military leader
-- He will ride a white horse as did Muhammad (does that make your jaw drop)
-- He will be 40 years of age and rule for 7 years
While Amr Mohamed Helmi Khale fits the bill for age, I was not able to find more about his family lineage.  He seems to be more of a televangelist type figure than a "holy" man or a military leader, so he on my list, but not my top contender.
Have you researched Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr ?  Sayyid is a term used to denote a persons descending directly from the Prophet Muhammad, through his daughter Fatimah.  He is the son of an Iraqi Grand Ayatollah who was killed by Saddam Hussein.  He is now, where else?  In Iran studying to become an Ayatollah.  He also controls a military group known as the Mahdi Army - an army which carries its emblem on a black flag.  He is presently 37.  Could this man be why Ahmadinejad is excited?? 
Could he be the one???