Christina (26 Feb 2011)
"To:  Donna D. - Your Response!  Today's headlines are straight out of Daniel 11!"

Dear Donna,
Thank you so much for your response to my post and for taking the time to prepare it and to show how Daniel goes on further in Daniel 11 to discuss the actual countries spoken of as the three horns that are subdued!
I feel as if my eyes are opening and the world is coming into focus!   I just don't see why more people are not awake to what is happening.  Everywhere I look, people are just continuing on with life as usual and I feel like screaming out, "Do you not see what is happening in the Middle East!!!  We are living in the days spoken of in the Bible where the AC will rise on Earth!  We need to prepare!  Beware!!  Wake Up!!!"  Instead everyone I talk to about this, thinks I've gone crazy, including my own husband and family - I had a friend who asked if I needed to see a psychiatrist.  Wouldn't that be funny -- showing up to a therapist with my Bible in hand to try and demonstrate that I am not crazy!!
Thank you again Donna!
With You in Faith,