Chris M (22 Feb 2011)
"3 Brief Visions in the Past 10 Days"

3 Brief Visions in the Past 10 Days

I am not one prone to having visions. I am completely new to the experience. I do like to read about others dreams and visions; to see if I can interpret any meaning from them. So with that in mind I wanted also to share; for someone else may derive meaning from them.

Each of the three visions happened the same way. It was in the middle of the night and happened after I awoke suddenly. When I would awake suddenly I would feel this deep sense of fearful terror come over me. I would cringe and shut my eyes tight in the bed hoping it would pass. To be honest, since that has never happened to me before, I thought it was evil the first time last week because after all I was fearful and felt a deep sense of terror inside. But I shut my eyes tight in fearfulness and then the brief vision would come. I had no idea God's presence could be so fearful. I only ever read about it in the Bible. Then after the first time I experienced it last week and with what followed... well, I have longed for it to return every night because I now love that feeling of the fearful terror of his presence because I know what follows will be something special from him.

Vision #1

I shut my eyes and a whisper that felt like a gentle breeze began welling up through my soul which said, "He who knit you; knows you". There was only darkness; no images flashed through my mind. But an overwhelming peace accompanied the voice that welled up and echoed within me. And though I have tried to journal it a dozen times. I have given up each time because I fail each time to describe it like I am now. I knew it was from God, but the voice, the tone, the deep feeling directed toward me by it defied anything I have ever imagined of him. I have tried to hold onto that feeling so badly the past 10 days but feelings are fleeting and only the knowledge of it really remains.

Vision #2

The very next night last week I was startled awake and fear overtook me again. I squeezed my eyes shut in fearfulness of anything that might appear in my bedroom suddenly and an image flashed through my mind. It was as if I was looking through another's eyes because I had no ability to look to the right or to the left. All I saw was a pure, early morning, cloud-streaked sky. The sky was full of purplish hues and what I believed to be the sun was illuminating the clouds that streaked across the sky. The eyes through which I was looking were hovering over vast waters. There was no sense of land anywhere. The waters were calm with only the slightest, soothing ripples. There was no sound but a gentle breeze that I could feel. There was no voice; only peacefulness and that peacefulness overtook me and soothed me.

Vision #3

Last night, over a week later, I had given up on this happening anymore although I longed for it every night before I went to sleep this past week. But last night I awoke again fearful and shut my eyes. For a brief moment I saw through eyes which were suspended in the heavens, suspended among the stars and facing toward earth about the distance of the moon. The image in my mind began to shake after I recognized where I was and that I was facing earth from the heavens. The entire image shook violently. I heard no sound but felt a gentle breeze through me. It had a way of filling me with peacefulness to where I was fixated on it rather than the violent shaking of the image before me.

These personal experiences are confusing for me to interpret, so I just try to enjoy reminiscing the moments given rather than try to figure them out. I wonder if others, who have not ever been known to dream or have visions are also beginning to recently. Perhaps the time is very near or perhaps he just needs to remind me of his presence because of something difficult coming into my life that I do not yet know or understand... who can know such things? It's definitely easier to share these somewhat anonymously here.