Chris Horan (8 Feb 2011)
"my rapture dream... so real"

This is going to sound crazy but I am going to tell you the dream I had recently and it was so real. I know this was not from my own mind becuase I couldn't have thought of the things that happened.  Please just consider it as a possibility and not actuality because no one knows until it occurs.  I was praying to god and repenting the other night, and I fell asleep and this is how it went.  I was with my sister mother and step dad in a house.  I remember my mom telling me that we had to go to the airport to fly to a funeral the next morning.  A few minutes later I heard a loud solid long horn type sound.  I went to the window and looked up and I saw dark green helicopters passing by, kinda looked like military style, the weird thing was that they went forward but the blades did not spin on any of them.  It's as if they had been frozen partly in air or timed had stopped.  But I could still move, then i looked up more and i saw a airplane looking thing flying way up in the dark sky, except it had no wings, kinda looked like a long metal shark with small fins.  It was not human, I looked to the left and there were literally hundreds of triangle shaped craft everywhere, they had one red light on the tip of each end. I was so terrified that I yeld out its happening but i didnt understand what i was saying in the dream.  I ran into the other room trying to pack my clothes thinking that we had to get out of town fast, but in my dream i couldn't find any clothes to pack.  I looked to the tv and the news was on and they were talking about normal stuff. I recall saying why hasnt the president come on tv yet.  Then one of the craft hovered over the house that i was in and i crawled on the ground fast trying to hide and it followed me where ever i went.  Then i saw light outside of the window so I went over to it again and I yelled no there firing at them, but then i looked and it was not military firing I saw fireworks, and they were gone, then i awoke.  People i was so afraid when I awoke I couldnt breathe for at least a minute. But as I started thinking about what it meant.  Obviously the helicopters blades werent moving because its as if part of time had been frozen but i was still able to move, my brain could never had thought this up. I thought about these scriptures, as lighting comes from the east and is visible in the west so shall the coming of the son of man be. So its fast like lighting and visible everywhere.  In the moment in the twinkling of an eye, meet the lord in the air. If this is how it is going to happen then that would explain gathering everyone world wide and it seeming like a second if they were able to somehow partly freeze time or space.  Then i thought about this verse of the 10 virgins.  The call at midnight went out to all of them and they all went out, once they were out half of them needed more oil, which i think is holy spirit and faith or belief in what they are seeing. Only 5 of them went into the door, others made excuses about houses etc and other reasons why they couldnt make it and the door was shut, after wards they realized it was the lord and they say lord lord open to us and he says i never knew you, you will not enter the places of my fathers house. Remember the bible says that jesus will come in the clouds, people thousands of years ago had no idea what a flying object would have been, i can imagine that if they were to see a plane of ours theyd say the same thing, and i will give evidence in a minute.  Jesus said i am from above you are from below i am not of this world you are of this world.  Now in the dream I could tell it wasnt the 4th of july, so after wards i realized that it was a symbol for my freedom, and i had missed it.  People this dream was so weird and real.  There are several places in the bible that sound like technology like ezekials wheels for instance. We know that there is a spiritual and physical realm.  If you read Joel chapter 2 it describes christ returning with the bride for the final battle at jerusalem.  People please read joel chapter 2. It says that the lords army marches forward not breaking rank and that their faces look like horses and that our weapons go right through them with no effect. In Isaiah 19, which describes whats happening in Egypt right now it says that the lord will send them a saviour and will come to them on a swift cloud. So it moves fast?  Finally if you read revelations on the size of new jerusalem that comes down it says that it is equal in length height and width.  There are only 2 objects that this could be a square or a pyramid.  The furlongs in length make this object to be about 700 miles long tall and wide on each side.  In Isaiah 19 it also says that there will be a temple in the midst and at the boder of egypt that will be a witness to the lord.  People this is the great pyramid, with the kings chamber.  Egypt used to be divided by upper and lower and the pyramid is located directly in the middle and at the border of both.  Are you starting to see what im saying.  I know i sound crazy, but it adds up and i could not have had this dream on my own it was so real, the helicopters blades not spinning makes sense. It was not until after i heard this sound that this happened. Ask yourselves why would 5 of the virgins need more oil after they all go out to meet him? If there was technology involved would this make me love him any less? no!!! I believe there is a spiritual and a physical.  If you know the bible search it says that the city will rebirth the life of the seas. Can you imagine a city of that size, perhaps a third the size of the earth in hieght width and length, billions would be able to live on it. And he would truly be god because to do something like that you would have had to been around billions of years at least.  I dont pretend to have any answers im just saying that it is possible, we do not know. There is a deception coming but i think this is why the earth attacks christ at his coming.  Joel chapter 2 says that the peoples faces become pale, READ IT...  september 29th this year is feast of trumpets and its 2550 days until atonement 2018 i believe. So it is all starting to add up, 70 years from 1948.  The bride will go away this year, i dont know how but you have to prepare yourselves for anything.  and again why would the 5 virgins need more oil once the call goes out and they goes outside to meet him?  This would explain it and in the moment in the twinkling of an eye.  I think that jesus could partly freeze time, while still allowing those virgins to physically move while he came.  Here is evidence that the clouds could be technology, look at this example of where the lord uses planes as birds.

"For thus hath the LORD spoken unto me, Like as the lion and the young lion roaring on his prey, when a multitude of shepherds is called forth against him, he will not be afraid of their voice, nor abase himself for the noise of them: so shall the LORD of hosts come down to fight for mount Zion, and for the hill thereof. “As birds flying, so will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing over he will preserve it.”
- Isaiah 31:4-5

Allenby noticed the prophecy alluded to a lion. Being from England, the General knew the emblem of the British Empire was a lion. Isaiah predicted God would fight for Zion (Jerusalem) as a lion. He then observed how the battle would be won... by birds flying.
Allenby decided to fly small scout planes over Jerusalem and drop notes in the Turkish language instructing the Turks to surrender Jerusalem. Having never seen an airplane, many of the Turks became fearful. After reading the pieces of paper dropping from the planes, the demand was to surrender Jerusalem. It was signed Allenby. In Arabic, the phrase Allah Nebi (similar to Allenby) means God’s Prophet. Needless to say, the Turks gave up Jerusalem without firing a shot and the British took control of the Holy City in 1917, where they occupied it until 1948.
this is taken from

So now you see isaiah saw this vision and describes it as birds.  Now how much more then could clouds and swift clouds be technology? ask your selves.
Just something to think about. But im sure that this event is going to happen on feast of trumpets this year, i dont know how its gonna look, just be ready and make sure your spirit is about the savior and love only.
Chris Horan.