Chris (8 Feb 2011)
"Dark days are coming"

Dark days are coming         

Dark days are coming the hoffbeats are aproching the darkness is close perpair
the way of the coming of the Lord. Perpair the way of his coming stand tall the
light  well out shine them all. Great mercy and pain well come but the light
well bring happness do not worry or fear. Jesus say I have complett control I
am I am do not sway time is short the books are being unsealed. It is time to
sing the song keep your eyes apond Jesus. Do not sway there well be signs in
the stars and the moon do not sway now is the time to come togother walk close
now do not sway. Noting else madders now do not sway the light is getting
closer now hold on a little longer the day you have been waiting for is coming
coming soon with great glory for all to see coming now with great glory.   
Isaiah 60:1-2