Cary (28 Feb 2011)
"Charmaine Mike and Ola"

I am so joyous and relieved that you are able to present the gospel and ‘Holiness’ so adequately.
Charmaine, I read your thoughts about holiness on another site and it was beautifully put.
I have come to understand that I presumed since this was a Christian web site that we were all jumping from the same platform and therefore it wasn’t necessary for anyone to point out the important doctrines of our faith before posting,therefore this could have lead to the misunderstanding that a person was saved by works!! I have seen from your previous articles that you indeed do believe in grace through faith above all and that it is followed by wonderful examples (see Steve’s post on holiness) of how we must reject sin (works) to show ourselves approved...
As I said before, you just have to read Psalm 1 to have a very clear picture....