Carol Garza (6 Feb 2011)
"Why do the Heathen rage ? / Psalm 2"

and the people imagine a vain thing ?

 Hmmm...let's see who the raging heathen are :

 Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Syria  and the list grows.

 Why do they rage ?

 On the surface Overpopulation, corruption, food shortages, hunger, no jobs,  the people of the land are being tortured and mistreated by the head honchos of kings and govt leaders is stirring up the uprising.  The driving force is the 'Muslim brotherhood."

 And what vain thing do the people (the Muslim brotherhood) imagine ?

 Answer:  Drum roll please.  The return of their Mahdi, the Anti-christ, the false Messiah...their false 'savior'. Remember the scriptures that say he is an Assyrian, the king of Babylon.  That is the area of Iraq.  When our troops come home from Iraq, Iran will move in because they 'know' their king will crawl out of a well in Babylon and the end (of the world) will come. Islam also believes their mahdi, their messiah is returning.  What they don't realize, is their Mahdi is the Anti-christ.

  These uprisings are the prerequisite that will gather

 The kings of the earth (and)

set themselves against the Lord (preparing for battle;) [Against Israel]

      the rulers take counsel together and plot together
   against the Lord
      and against his Anointed one.

 Psalm 83 mentions the kings of the earth that gather against Israel.
Our Redemption draws very, very near now Doves !!  Keep looking up !!
Carol Garza