Carol Garza (24 Feb 2011)
"Update on Glenn Beck"

Hi Doves,
I wondered if anyone was going to comment on Glenn Beck's show from Monday.  So far no one has and thus I am coming forward.  This past Saturday, he went to Billy Graham's home and visited with him for 3 hours.  He stayed for dinner and they feasted on Chinese food complete w/chop sticks.  He did not say if his wife went with him but I imagine she did.
He began by telling the audience he called Billy Graham several months ago as he wanted to see him.  He explained a person just does not pick up the phone and talks to him.  The call was returned and Billy Graham told him it was not time for them to meet. So Billy Graham did not invite him over.  Then 2 weeks ago, Billy Graham called him and told him the time was right for them to meet.
He did not expect to spend 3 hours with Billy much less have dinner at his home.  Glenn did not elaborate on their conversation but I think he is on Friday's show.  Glenn told the audience he used to watch the Billy Graham crusades as a kid but did not get the message.  He went his merry own way and got into trouble, became an alcoholic, etc...
He asked "Where are the Billy Graham crusades today?"  There aren't any, he replied to his question.  (There are but not in the same venue as Billy Graham's preaching.)
My personal thoughts:  Glenn heard the gospel as a boy.  The Word of God does not return void.  I find it interesting for all the hoopla about his Mormonism, he has never brought a Mormon bishop to his set.  He has had John Hagee, Joel Rosenberg and Joel Richardson, author of "The Islamic Anti-Christ.) I don't know if he has met with the grand ole head honcho of the Mormon church but even if he has, Glenn has had the opportunity more than once now to see and experience the difference between darkness and the True Light.  Oh..something else Glenn said:  He told the viewers he spoke of the gloom and doom of the world to Billy (paraphrasing here) and Billy filled him with Hope and LIGHT.  He told Glenn "You know how the book of Revelation ends, how the story ends."
Imho, Glenn has been touching on a subject "Islam" that woke me up a few years ago when I heard Walid Shoebat speak.  Walid explained back then how Islam was trying to take over the world.   I have known about Islam's eschatology and their belief of their coming Mahdi, the 12th Imam since 2007. I bought his books "Why I left Jihad" and "God's war on Terror." I am currently reading Joel Rosenberg's book "The 12th Imam", a fictional novel.  It was all new to me and no Christian I knew was talking about it.  I myself did not understand much of what I was learning.  When I tried to explain what I had learned everyone responded with 'That's interesting.  Thank you and good night.'  
Many Christians are still not paying attention.  I have one more personal thought to share.  My heart believes Jesus will be returning this year and at the latest 2012.  I am not going by Feasts or calculations.  I do find extremely interesting Islam's Mahdi (savior) is also known as the 12th Imam.   Could the 12th Imam (anti-Christ) appear in 2012 deceiving the world ?  I personally think so which is why I think and believe Jesus is rapturing us before 2012. 
May it be so..may it be TODAY.  Come Lord Jesus !
Carol Garza