Carol Garza (14 Feb 2011)
"To Frank R Molver re: vision of hell/heaven"

I have read and heard many testimonies or accounts of people visiting both hell and heaven.  However, I have trouble believing this particular story.  Here is why:
According to the girl, Pope Paul John said:
  "Help me, Lord; have mercy on me; take me out of this place; forgive me! I repent, Lord; I want to return to Earth, I want to go back to Earth to repent." The Lord observed him and said to him, "You very well knew; you knew very well that this place was real," and then the Lord said: "It's too late; there is no other opportunity for you."
From everything I have read and heard, once a person is in the chambers of hell, he/she cannot repent.  None of the testimonies/accounts I have come across have ever had a person repenting.  They have screamed for help..for someone to get them out of there and cursed the person or Jesus for not getting them out.
This man was repenting and asking for forgiveness.  I don't see how he could. And if he did, why would Jesus not forgive him?  This is what makes me doubt the story is completely true.
I have heard people's accounts of seeing John Lennon in hell btw.
Any thoughts?
Carol G