Bruce Warner (24 Feb 2011)

Dear Doves,

Israel became a new nation on 'Pentecost' May 14, 1948

Israel re-captured Jerusalem on June 7, 1967 which may have been 'true Pentecost' that year.

The 'Feast of Pentecost', which falls within the next 'Year of Jubilee' that begins on September 23, 2015, is on May 15, 2016 .

It is very interesting that it is exactly sixty-eight (68) years from Israel becoming a new nation on 'Pentecost' May 14, 1948 to 'Pentecost' May 15, 2016 which is 'The Pentecost' that falls within the next 'Year of Jubilee'.

It seems that'The Pentecost' which falls in a 'Year of Jubilee' could be a very significant 'Pentecost' indeed! Remember, God sent the Holy Spirit on 'Pentecost' to begin 'His work'. Will he send Jesus on a 'Pentecost' to finish 'His work'?

According to Your Word, come Lord Jesus!

Bruce Warner