Bonnie (26 Feb 2011)
"Mercer (25 Feb 2011) "2011 was always a planned melt down""

Hi Mercer and other Doves.
I agree with this post especially "The Mid West (Wisconsin) is the start of the final fall of America. Does anyone see a solution without violence?" I do not live in Madison but I work there. If the Senate passes the Budget Repair Bill, the Peoples' Republic of Madison will revert back to the 60s-70s and there will be violence and rioting much worse than ever before.  With the police quietly and slowly clearing the Capitol step by step, they know what is ahead and I believe are preparing for the worst.
As for the fall of the Mid East, I believe Obama's "higher puppet master" has decided once again to take down governments that are ruled by a dictator. This has happened before (Soviet bloc, Central America) and put in place those who will submit.  Keep watching as one dictator after another is removed from their position. A one world dictator can't have complete power until all countries are broken.