Bonnie (15 Feb 2011)
"Suzi and others about "V""

Hi Suzi, I agree with you that someone behind the scenes knows something. The episode about the Vatican was a real eye-opener and prophetic. Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend has talked about two subjects lately that relate to this. First, how the Church will be used to usher in a one world religion and change many things. Second, about the Third Way. The Third Way is the process of taking two opposite things and creating a new option. I'm wondering if the mating of humans and V=demons and creating a new species is the advance warning of the Third Way. I'm also wondering if the hybrid Fifth Column members are not the way to soften up the public to accept the philosphy of the Third Way which is a reality coming in all phases of American life. (i.e. government, economics, education, etc.)  I watch the show for clues but I also wonder if there is a secondary agenda to mold the human perception to accept a "good" hybrid.  I too will continue to watch the show and listen to Brannon who also provides a heads-up on many issues.