Bob Ware (25 Feb 2011)
"Today I was rescued by the Lord and Vincent Tan's 234"

Today I had a unique experience. I went for a ride in the foothills above my hometown of Porterville CA to see the new snow pack in the mountains. My friend's 87 year old mother wanted to stop and buy some oranges at a small stand. When she got out of the car she accidentally hit the electronic door lock switch. Her son had left his keys in the car. His spare set was in his coat pocket which was also in the car. His car has a 'keyless' door lock number pad, but he didn't know the code. There are five buttons marked: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and 9/0. There are five digits in the code. I didn't know the code, the number of digits in the code, or how to enter the numbers. I didn't know if you had to hit a key twice to generate the second number on the button. I also didn't know that there was a 5 second time limit between number entries. I opened the door locks in less than a minute. I could have only done this with help from the Lord.
First I thought maybe the previous owner had changed the code to something that would be easy to remember, so I tried the year that the car was made (1997). This didn't work because there are five digits in the code (which I didn't know). I tried hitting the 2nd, 3rd and 4th key buttons and then that sequence again and the doors unlocked. When I started that sequence again I hit the second key twice. This sequence generated the permanent code that the manufacturer had installed. I had to thank the Lord, Vincent Tan and the Angel who gave him the $2.34.
When we got home my friend took the owner's manual out of the car so I could see what to do in the future and to see just what I had entered. The instructions for this 'keyless' entry started on page 113. The actual code sequence was '45833'. According to this site: there are 3125 possible codes which equals 5^5.