Bob Ware (22 Feb 2011)
"re: Rene: 153 and the rapture"

A 153 degree arc around the 'Circle of Time' equals a distance of 1923 units/days. The remaining distance around the circle equals 17 x 153 units/days. 1923 + (17 x 153) equals the circumference of 4524. This is an interesting coincidence since the 17th triangle number is 153.
Each one degree arc spans 12.567 units/days. 3.28.2011 is the center day of the 12.567 days that fall within this 153rd degree location. The last day to fall within this 153rd degree range is 4.3.2011. From 4.3.2011 to the last day at the top of this circle (5.11.2018) equals the full 2595 Tribulation days in Daniel 12:12.
4.3.2011 is the last full day of the current Jewish religious year that ends at sunset on 4.4.2011.