BG Ellis (19 Feb 2011)
"First Time in history that a nightly gospel event is being viewed worldwide!"

Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne announced Wednesday night that CTN signed the contract on Thiacom 5 transponder 4b that covers Asia/Europe/Africa/Australia/New Zealand - millions of new homes added nightly - Africa and Europe to pick up the broadcast and rebroadcast on their platforms - after 46 nights the whole world will be covered with the footprint of the Great Awakening!

Doves, this is an awesome sign that Jesus’ return for His Bride is at hand and THE RAPTURE IS IMMINENT!!  I believe that this is the LAST CALL for YOU to have “YOUR Boarding Pass” for the IMMINENT departure of His Bride (us)!  If you died tonight (or if The Rapture occurs tonight) and you are not 100% sure that you would be taken to Heaven; Then go to: This website and get “Your FREE Ticket for departure”!


You can watch the ongoing gospel event streaming online almost 24/7 by going:




You can view and download the Soulwinning Script that they use by going:





Love You Doves!




B.G. Ellis