BC (22 Feb 2011)
"Dr. Petrus Soons and the face of Christ"


I was trying not to get drawn into too much discussion about the Shroud, but when Patty Hayes sent the video of Dr. Petrus Soons talking about the  3D image on the Shroud, I had to add a little more info.  (I could talk about the Shroud for hours!)
If you look at the neck of the man in the Shroud you can see what appears to be a raised plaque or sign.  Dr. Soons claims to have identified an Aramaic word on it -- "LAMB".   If he is correct, not only was Jesus mocked with a crown of thorns that represented his Kingship, but He was also mocked as being the "Lamb of God" as he had been called by John the Baptist.  Where could the Roman soldiers have found such a sign?  It was Passover, and I am sure there were pens of lambs in the city of Jerusalem.
If you want to hear Dr. Soons discuss this theory, go to the following website: Shroud University, click on  the Ohio State Logo, find Dr. Soons' presentation.  The LAMB sign is discussed about 27 minutes into the video.  You can listen to his entire speech on holographic content of the Shroud, but his Dutch accent makes it a little difficult to understand.  One of the words he mispronounces is "bas relief", a form of sculpture.  
"Unwrapping the Shroud"  is probably the best video to explain why the Shroud was mistakenly dated to the 1200's.  The late Sue Benford and Joseph Marino's theory of the invisible reweave repair is pretty well accepted now.  Their presentations are also available at the same Ohio State Conference ( Aug. 2008), as well as Robert Villareal's (from Los Alamos National Lab.)  confirmation of the reweave.
I am attempting to attach a Youtube video that shows the Shroud face in 3D.  I think it shows a remarkable similarity to Akiane's portrait.  One thing about the video, however, is that Christ is depicted with brown eyes.  Coulton Burpo said they are blue.