BC (21 Feb 2011)
"The face of Jesus"

One of the Doves asked if any of us has seen the face of the Risen Christ.  Not me, but I think that a three and a half year old boy named Coulton Burpo did.  Coulton is around 11 years old now and has recently been interviewed on several TV stations.  His father, Todd Burpo, has written "Heaven is for Real".  The book describes how he and his wife came to the conclusion that Coulton had a "heavenly experience"  during a serious surgery when he was only three years old.  I'll let you read the amazing details for yourself. I bought my copy on Amazon.
Once Coulton's parents became convinced that their son had been in heaven, they would ask him what Jesus really looked like.  They would show him artists' interpretations, but usually Coulton would say, "No, that's not right."
One day his father had a painting of Christ by Akiane on his computer monitor.  When Coulton saw it, he stopped dead in his tracks, stared at it, and said, "That one's right".
Akiane is a girl that started skillful painting when she was very young.  She claims to have had visions of heaven.  Her mother, a former atheist, is now a believer.  You can find more about Akiane on her website and see her beautiful paintings.  www.Akiane.com  They are too expensive for me to buy, but I have enjoyed some as screensavers.  bc