BC (19 Feb 2011)
"In defense of the Shroud"

There are very strong opinions on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.  However, when I read about people discrediting it,  I feel like it is my duty to put in a good word for it.  I have been to seminars where the some of the best scientists in the world, including some from NASA and Los Alamos National Laboratory, have discussed the mind boggling complexities of the Shroud. I do not believe that it could have been made with human hands. It is too awesome. If satan made it, as someone on Doves suggested, then he made a big mistake, because it has helped many scientific people to believe in Christ.
The Shroud is precious to me because it helped restore my faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Is it in Christ's character to use physical evidence to help someone believe?  I refer you to John 20:24-29 where Jesus showed his wounds to Thomas.  The disciple responded with the exclamation, "My Lord and My God!"
I have plenty of amazing material about the Shroud.  If anyone wants it, or has specific questions, I give John permission to give you my email address.  However, if you don't believe that the Shroud is authentic, it's OK.  The most important thing is that you believe in Jesus.
I think we are splitting hairs, when we talk about long hair or short hair, linen strips or a linen cloth.  In Luke 23:53 it says that Joseph of Arimathea wrapped Jesus' body in a linen CLOTH.  Why does John's Gospel say linen strips (plural).  I have heard theories that both were used (large strips around the arms and legs), but not in the mummy fashion that we saw in our Sunday School books.  bc