Barbara Bivins (6 Feb 2011)
"Nicole (2 Feb 2011) "Communicating if the government shuts down your internet - how to""

I always thought that it would be a good idea to know people on Doves who live around you.  Should things get really bad for Followers of Christ we may need to join either to help each other with food, medical, information, even hiding for example.  On this website we all seem to be of the same mind, Holy Spirit led, and as I remember during the Holocaust knowing people around you who were has saved many lives.  I have some great stories regarding that time, including my own mother working for the underground liberation.  These days we are scattered all over the world and we can all join via the net but what if we couldn't anymore and things got bad?  We could not join unless we knew who lives where and how we could put our resources together.

I for one live in Southern California, San Diego and perhaps it would be good to know others who live close to you for protection and information.  What say you?

Perhaps we could set up meetings to get to know each other before as they say the crap hits the fan because by then it is too late.  Preparing individually if you can is a good idea but preparing together is even better.  So I suggest that from each part of the world we know who is who and where we could gather if things got bad.  Just saying.  I would welcome others suggestions!

In His love,