Andrea (22 Feb 2011)
"we'll just have to see"

Most of my info comes from a very famous author named Maria Valtorta who on dictation from Our Lord Jesus wrote a series of 10 books called The Poem of the Man-God and was also given visions of the life of Jesus from the very beginning of His conception to the very end when He died and His ascension and the assumption of His Mother plus all the explanations of His life with His apostles and the various significant dogmas of The Church.  The original books are written in italian  but there is a translation in english of her books, I highly recommend them.  Our Lord wanted that his life was more highly described because in the bible there is just a very small description of that part of His life so He chose this bedridden woman as his apostle so that  His life would be more fully known.  There is so much that is revealed in these books that you get a very complete picture of His life, there is even a chapter dedicated to when He lived in Egypt as a child.  Of course the Vatican hasn't expressed itself in accordance to these books but a good percentage of the readers believe in her writings, without saying they are best-sellers.   Andrea