Amanda (6 Feb 2011)
"For:  Jimmy Lishman and Carol"


Jimmy thank you for your wonderful post to me and your sweet words.  I keep thinking man the Lord has not waivered one time when He has pointed me to the timing.  

Carol, thank you for reaching me through John.  I did get your email so hopefully your reading this.  Your dream which you emailed to me was pretty amazing.  Maybe you could post your dream here on the Five Doves.  Basically, so others can know Carol's dream was showing her year numbers 2008...2009..2010 all the numbers were invisible like on a t.v. screen when all of a sudden 2011 appeared clear and stayed.  So its like the Lord is telling Carol 2011 is a year of something very important.  I don't know if her dream was telling her the rapture timing.  If that is what Carol was asking the Lord to send her a sign.  But that's what I took from Carol's email to me.  


Thanks for trying to reach me after reading how the Lord is showing me that this year 2011 is the rapture timing!