Amanda (28 Feb 2011)

Hello all,

On Saturday, 2/26, in the mid afternoon I was in my bedroom cleaning up busy doing things when I looked down at my alarm clock to read......2011!  I looked at the number 2011 and thought what is going on and then my clock switched back to the regular time.   It truly happenned so fast (I read it on my clock for about 10 seconds) and so surreal, supernatural that it takes your breath away!  I'll admit I was excited, scared a little shaky after seeing it.  I know He's telling me its this year 2011 but to SEE it on your alarm clock, well it just knocks your socks off!!!!   

I have no use in lying about what I see or hear from the Lord but this is what happenned and I just HAD to tell all of you reading because He is speaking one way or another to all of us.  I know I have asked the Lord to just come down and we can sit face to face and talk about this and the timing (ha) but for it to really happen it justs answers ALL questions on the year of the rapture.   It's weird I almost felt after seeing that well I have NO more questions about His timing of the rapture for us.   

I hope all reading this will be encouraged because He is coming now for us.  He has been waking me up at 11:11 or 1:11 for along time now and saying "look at the clock" but this was CLEAR and I read 2011.  He's just confirming to me, yes, this is it!!!