Amanda (22 Feb 2011)
"Messages from the Lord, a prayer request, a note to Linda Arn"

Hello all,

These messages are short and sweet but truly get to the point. On February 20th in the evening I was standing at my water cooler and He laid upon my heart "God is in control".   Then when I went to bed I always ask to hear from Him, He said "time is up".  When I fell asleep, He awoke me and I felt like I heard something waking me up but I was so out of it and I looked at my clock to read 11:11 p.m.  It took me a few minutes to register but that was Him getting my attention.  

Also I would like to ask others to try to ask Him the rapture timing.  I have asked Him why He has told me and He so simply said "you asked me".  So He should tell others too the timing like He has me.  Please do post back if you hear from Him.  We should all be hearing the same time frame.  

He has so effortlessly said spring and May.  The 11's are for us to see for the year of the rapture.  When I ask Him will I be gone in June, He says to me "May".  I asked Him a year ago (feb.) if the rapture would happen in April or May and He is saying "May".  Also when asking the year 2010 or 2011, He answered with "11."  I have posted before all of this but just in case anyone's new to reading I want them to know what the Lord is telling me to tell others.

I think Linda Arn had posted a few days ago about knowing its coming but feeling crazy in between and I feel the same way.  I keep going to plan things for the summer and then think but I'm not going to be here but its a crazy feeling!

Thanks for reading,