Amanda (1 Feb 2011)
"For:  Dewey"

Hello Dewey,

I read your post about how the Lord has and is prompting you to store things.  I can't say He isn't because you know if that's the Holy Spirit speaking to you but the Lord when I asked Him if I needed to be storing water or whatever for an upcoming calamity and He said no.  Maybe by you you will need to but I'm over here in Ohio and maybe I won't be hit quite as bad or the same way that you will.   He, I do know, is saying to watch all the judgements from Him everywhere.  So yes I agree that things are going to continue to be pretty ugly until the rapture but He's giving me a peace to not worry or store water.  How much longer do you feel or maybe the Lord's nudging you for the rapture to happen?  He's without a doubt telling me "spring".  When I asked Him in March of 2010 would the rapture happen in 2010 or 2011, He answered with "11".  When He said "11" to me it so effortlessly popped in my head.  I would have answered myself with either 2010 or 2011.  So to hear "11" that's Jesus speaking.  

Thanks for posting,