Walk in Love (5 Dec 2021)
"There's a 10,000 lb gorilla in the room that no one is talking about!"


This needs to be said as there is a 10,000 lb gorilla in the room that no one is talking about. No nation or people will overcome this "new world order" and the evil through their mind, boastful words or violence. The source of all this evil is a fallen angel. One that had full access to the Father and the Son in the heavens. He is cast down. He is angry and wanting to destroy mankind as we are made in God's image. This is what the scriptures teach. This is the truth. This is your enemy. Not the men and women taken captive by him.

The signs given to the world in the scriptures reveal we are living in the beginning of the great Tribulation. If you are a "follower of Jesus Christ" and have read and believe what the book of the Revelation reveals to us then you know that no politician, "next election", judge, governmental system, militia, violent act or "savior" is going to win this spiritual battle. That "finality" comes only through Jesus Christ at the very end of all that is coming after the whole world has been sorted and tested, the saints are "caught up", and the few chosen ones remain in their "earth suit" human body to repopulate the earth again. Like in the days of Noah.

Here's a link to the "Revelation" signs that can be seen right now.


These signs are given to warn us what time we are living in. To get into the scriptures and understand we are to "detach our hearts from this world". We are being called to lay down our life in the faith and testimony to Jesus Christ the Son of God. Entertaining our mind and heart with illusions that things will "somehow" go back to normal will distract us from hearing what Jesus is speaking to us. We need to hear what He is saying to us.

We can ask Him to direct our feet to find fellowship with those who walk with Him. They will be walking in faith and love, not in anger and fear with submission to their fallen nature and this godless world system. If we are born of the Spirit we belong to Him and His Father. We are children in His Father's family. We have the birth right and calling to enter the throne room of grace our self to find the help and truth we will need to "endure to the end" whether that be by death or remaining to the hour He appears.

Let's look up to Him, listen to Him, follow Him, obey Him, love Him all the way to the end!