Walk in Love (5 Dec 2021)
"Dead men are sent back to witness to the end of this age"


Catastrophic coming events concerning the US that were shown in multiple NDE over the past 70 years that would fulfill the Biblical Prophecy of the Judgment of Babylon USA.

1943 George Ritchie

1. Increasing natural disasters, earthquakes and volcanoes coming upon the earth. There were more and more hurricanes and floods occurring over different areas of our planet.

2. US was becoming more and more selfish and self-righteous. Families were splitting, governments were breaking apart because people were thinking only of themselves.

3. Armies marching on the United States from the south and explosions occurring over the entire world that were of a magnitude beyond his capacity to imagine. He realized if they continued, human life as we have known it could not continue to exist.

1975 Dannion Brinkley

Vision prophecies fulfilled:

1. RR (Ronald Reagan) presidency

2. Fall of USSR

3. Chernobyl

4. Gulf War

5. Chemical missiles used in Middle east

6.Isolation of Israel from nations of the world

Now coming to fulfillment with Covid injections:

7. A biological engineer from the Middle East will find a way to alter DNA and create a biological virus that will be used in the manufacture of computer chips used to control mankind.

1982 Ricky Randolph

1. Volcano explodes covering many cities in darkness.

2. Collapse of US government, civil chaos results with people killing for food and water.

3. Giant explosion in the atmosphere with much land being destroyed.

1984 Ned Dougherty

1. Massive tidal wave hits the coastline of Long Island and New York City, then Miami Beach.

2. US banking institutions collapse due to natural disasters.

3. US will be thrown into political, economic, and social chaos.

4. US government collapses because of staggering national debt that will cause it to fail to meet its financial obligations and losing its ability to defend itself, leaving the country vulnerable to invasion by foreign troops, particularly by China who has risen to power.

5. A shift of the earth's axis (review scientific data tracking the shift) will result in massive earthquakes, volcanic and tidal wave disasters.

1985 Howard Storm

1. The US continued to exploit the rest of the world by greedily consuming it's resources so it will have God's blessing withdrawn.

2. The US is the primary merchant of war and the culture of violence and pornography and exports that to the world. The US has sown the seeds of it's own destruction within itself, so it will destroy itself, God will bring the nation to an end.

3. The US will collapse economically which will result in civil chaos. People will begin robbing grocery stores, hording goods, and killing one another for gasoline and tires. as a consequence civil order and society will break down and end up in chaos.

1963 Lou Famoso

1. The world will see the signs that bring forth the "Gathering".

2. World wide massive military and civil wars, floods, massive volcanic destruction, earthquakes destroying sections of almost every continent with a massive one in America. Huge earthquake, a magnitude of 8.6 in a place named EUREKA.

3. A space station falls because of an internal explosion.

4. "I am to tell the world to look to constellation Orion, and they will know when the new world will come upon them. While drifting through ORION, I noticed two blazing celestial bodies racing parallel to its center, looking as Twin Arrows exiting from an Archers Bow and headed straight for the Blue Marble of home. Immediately a vision of millions of people crying because of the devastation of portions of New York City came to me."

1937 Joe Brandt

I've included Joe Brandt as the testimony of his experience is more consistent with a Near Death Experience than a dream. He vividly experiences events as if he is right there within them with the smells, sounds, feelings and visuals yet he is not seen by those he sees. He try's talking to them but they do not hear him. He moves from ground level to high above, then to other locations around the world instantly. He gets spontaneous knowledge and understanding that is not humanly possible to know that way. He is taken forward in time to view and report to the world of coming events. He lived in California in 1937 at the time of his accident yet he saw women in mini skirts with frizzy hair, men with ear rings, unkempt beards that walked funny, huge sky scraper buildings, 5 lane highways, helicopters, color tv's (which he could only relate to as small boxes that showed movies like a "talkie" but were live and in color) ... all these things he had no personal human knowledge of yet they all were confirmed to come into existence many years later.

The destruction of the West Coast with the resultant tidal wave destroying many coastal areas of the USA and around the world would create overwhelming physical and economic destruction to shipping, manufacturing, agriculture and civil order. It would collapse the Power Grid to much of the country, the Shipping and Insurance industries, the Banking and Government financial resources plunging the USA into civil chaos. This dream appears to sum up the judgment of "Babylon" from a common mans observation in a non religious manner. God loves every man, woman and child. He has been sending the warning message of what is coming through many different sources, people and cultures.

2015 Natan

A 15 year old secular Jewish young man, died and spent 15 minutes in heaven where he was given a prophetic witness of the coming end times events to his people and nation. The biblical war of Gog and Magog begins and expands until it ends in the almost total destruction of Israel with the return of the Messiah to save the elect. His vision unlocks the "key" to understanding the 8 Kings, the 120 years of 70 years + 49 years + 1 year Jubilee. Once one understands the timing and place of this NDE witness, the World Wars, the other NDE witnesses, the prophecies and Jewish Tetrad blood moons fall into place within this time period.

What you can do to prepare.