Patty Hayes (26 Dec 2021)
"Christmas Eve Wa-a-ay Night"

                                                                                  Christmas Eve Wa-a-ay Night

I awoke in the middle of my bed as a four year old in dire need to make a run to the bathroom which was near the living room.  I gave it much consideration as I sat in the middle of my bed rocking back and forth, weighing the risk of being seen by that big ole jolly man who makes house calls on this night all around the world.  At least that's what my sister and brothers told me. It must be true 'cuz  Mom and Dad said so. 

The house was dark so it must be wa-a-ay night and time for that man to show up anytime. He was the big ole jolly man that always brought kids like me toys, lot'sa toys and puts them under the tree.  You know he'd been there as the half drunk milk and partially eaten cookies were dead give away he came.  But, I had to get to the bathroom really fast so as not to be seen or heard.  I didn't want to lose out on any toys, at all!  But, I just had to go.  

By this time of my considering the odds he was elsewhere and my need overtaking me, shaking at this time in my bed, I decided I just had to make a run for it 'cuz I am really fast.  It was dark in the house and everyone was asleep.  I knew this as it was all quiet in my house, no one was stirring, not even any field mouse nearby 805 Ann Arbor Drive.  The jolly guy must be down the street.  

On your mark, get set, as I was now putting my feet to the floor. I was at a standing position when all of a sudden I heard this big ole booming voice, "Patty! Go to bed!   AAAAAAH!"  Santa was in the house!  He heard me! "AAAAAAAH!" 

I jumped back in to bed forgetting I needed to go to the bathroom and under the covers so as not to be seen.  Did I lose my toys Santa was suppose to bring me?? I worried about that during the night while I lay there in the wa-a-ay night.  It was wa-a-ay night 'cuz it was really dark in the house.  Wa-a-ay night to a four year old who didn't need to go to the bathroom after all on Christmas Eve.  

A true story don'tcha know and on Christmas morn, may you all have a delightful Christmas day as now an adult, know who the really blessing giver is. He gave His life for each and every one 2000 years ago and His name is Jesus.  He is the true cause of celebration and provider of the best gift ever!!! Eternal Life. 

Merry Christmas with all my heart to you and yours!!

                                                                                                                               Patty Hayes