Jean Stepnoski (5 Dec 2021)
"TBefore The Season of Hanukkah Is Complete: Last Chance Day 8"

   I had recently noticed an 8 Day Warning from 11-23 to 11-30. When we add another 8 Day Warning from 12-1 (Day Portion of Hanukkah Day 1) to 12-8 (Day Portion of Hanukkah Day 8) that is when Hanukkah is Complete for Israel on the Torah Calendar. The Hillel Calendar ends 2 days earlier. For Israel and those countries north of the equator, the lights on the hanukkiahs will have burned out. The light remaining? The Messiah as THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! As Israel goes to her Midnight Hour on 12-8, the darkness has descended. There are 44 lights lit on a hanukkiah during the 8 Days of Hanukkah. There were 44 days from the Passover Crucifixion Day until Ascension Day. The number 22 represents light, so 44 is Double Light. Multiply the light!


Some reflections about Hanukkah. Which day of Hanukkah was it when the Messiah appeared as THE LIGHT on Solomon’s Porch according to John Chapter 2? Unknown. Why might it have been the Last Day, Day 8, The Grand Finale? The Messiah was always fair and wanted everyone to see Him as the reason for the Hanukkah events of 168 BC to 165 BC. In essence, Hanukkah as always been about PREPARING THE WAY FOR THE FIRST COMING OF THE MESSIAH! It was the last Hanukkah of His public ministry and of His life. It was the Final Public Appearance at Jerusalem, The Last Chance, for the Temple big brass to come to faith in their Messiah, King, Teacher, Deliverer, and Judge before His Last Passover. By then, it was too late for them. On that fateful Hanukkah Day, He faced his adversaries, his implacable enemies, ALONE. No disciples. No crowds. He was brave and fearless. He had given Caiphus and Company nearly all of His last Hanukkah to see THE LIGHT. See Him! They destroyed their last chances, they ruined them. Thus, they REMAINED IN GRAVE AND PROFOUND SPIRITUAL DARKNESS. They wanted an all victorious leader, like Judah Maccabee, a national hero and guerilla fighter. He was motivated by freedom. Good. But also by hatred and revenge expressed in bloodshed, carnage, and mass murder.


   In their resentment, hatred, and malicious machinations, a portion of the Temple elite wanted to kill their Redeemer on sacred Temple ground. Not far from the Holy of Holies, the home of Abba Father on Earth. They had to LEAVE the Temple area to go outside of it to get the rocks to stone Him to death. The Messiah patiently waited for them to return. When did He Escape

from their midst? Disappear. When was His HARPAZO? Probably when they began their acts of murder by stoning, when they raised their arms to throw the rocks. Then, their light was really gone, as Hanukkah was ending, the shadows were lengthening in the Winter gloom, and darkness was descending. THEIR TRUE ETERNAL LIGHT HAD LEFT THEM! Alone, with their spiritual doom. Their LAST CHANCES for Eternal Faith were OVER. By Passover, the key tactic and aim changed, from death by rocks in stoning, to death with nails in crucifixion. Evil to evil. Tragedy to tragedy.


Hanukkah Day 8 is A Last Chance Day. SEE THE MESSIAH AS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD FOR YOU or Remain in Grave and Profound Spiritual Darkness. What is the most meaningful Day of 1-8 of The Season of Hanukkah? In 2021? Your answer? If The Day of The Blessed Hope will be 12-8-2021, few will see it as the last hours of The Last Day of Hanukkah, Day 8. Using the Hillel Calendar, they will not see it. Not understand. Calendar confusion. Will Israel be given the full Festival of Lights, then go to the Midnight Hour of 12-8? A double 8 Day Warning? Will it be our LAST CHANCE DAY, THE ESCAPE DAY, and THE DAY TO AVOID THE TRAP (the snare), THE DAY OF RESCUE, THE DAY OF DELIVERANCE? A Day of Hanukkah was a day of HARPAZO long ago. As before, so again? Will it be HARPAZO DAY for The Messiah’s Redeemed in 2021? We shall see…



With Love and Shalom,