Garry B (5 Dec 2021)


These two Old Testament binary prophecies are absolutely unique in that they are the ONLY TWO prophecies that state they are specifically FOR THE EYES of the end-time watching Gentile Body of Christ Church.

Because you are a member of the end-time GENTILE Body of Christ Church these TWO prophetic binary Scriptures BOTH state that they are specifically FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. These TWO binary prophecies are inextricably linked together in such a way that THE FIRST prophecy must be fulfilled  by God BEFORE the second prophecy can be fulfilled by God.  The FIRST prophecy has already  been fulfilled by God  BEFORE YOUR EYES, and the SECOND prophecy is about to  be fulfilled  by God, BEFORE YOUR EYES,  in the very near future. 

These two prophetic binary Scriptures are the ONLY TWO PROPHECIES, in all the Bible that state they are specifically to be fulfilled "BEFORE THEIR EYES " of the "LATTER YEARS" and the "LATTER DAYS"  watching "GENTILES " of the Body of Christ Church .

THE FOLLOWING  Scripture describes the FIRST of the TWO inextricably linked Prophecies : ( This prophecy has already been fulfilled " BEFORE THEIR EYES" of the watching "GENTILES" Church )

Ezekiel 36:22-24

"Therefore say unto the House of Israel thus saith the Lord God ,  'I DO NOT'   DO THIS FOR YOUR SAKES , O' House of Israel, but for My holy name's sake which you have profanes among the GENTILES wherever you went. And I will sanctify My Great Name  which you have profaned among the GENTILES , and THE GENTILES SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD saith the Lord God , when I shall be sanctified in you BEFORE THEIR EYES. For I will take you from among the GENTILES, and  gather you out of all countries , and I will bring you into your own  land."

God said that He DID NOT fulfill this FIRST OF THE TWO inextricably linked binary prophecies for Israel's sake.  In 1948 God fulfilled the FIRST prophecy by causing Israel to become a  nation again after nearly 2, 000 years  "BEFORE THEIR EYES" of "THE GENTILES SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD" , ie. the watching Body of Christ Church. This fulfillment of prophecy was A VISUAL SIGN  given by God   " BEFORE THEIR EYES" of the watching GENTILE Church letting us know that the "LATTER YEARS" have arrived according to:

Ezekiel 38:8

"After many days thou shall be visited, IN THE LATTER YEARS thou shall come into the land ( Israel ) that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people.

Therefore, we are told that the "LATTER YEARS" began in 1948 when God re-established Israel as a nation which fulfilled the FIRST PROPHECY AS A VISUAL SIGN "BEFORE THEIR EYES" of the watching GENTILES  of the Body of Christ Church.

THE FOLLOWING Scripture describes the SECOND of the TWO inextricably linked Prophecies : ( This prophecy will soon be fulfilled "BEFORE THEIR EYES" of the watching "GENTILES" Church )  

Ezekiel 38:16

"And  you shall come up against My people of Israel ; it shall be IN THE LATTER DAYS that I WILL BRING YOU against My land THAT THE GENTILES MAY KNOW ME when I shall be sanctified in you, O' Gog, BEFORE THEIR EYES."


Notice that BOTH of these inextricably linked binary prophecies are to be fulfilled as A VISUAL SIGN  "BEFORE THEIR EYES ", in the "LATTER YEARS" and in the  "LATTER DAYSGENTILES who know God. That would be the GENTILE Body of Christ Church of which you and I are members.  Therefore, the next BIG VISUAL SIGN that God has told us end-time GENTILES TO WATCH FOR to be fulfilled  BEFORE OUR EYES is His  Gog-Magog War against Israel which will alert us to the fact that OUR RESURRECTION  / RAPTURE will happen within a few days, ie. the "LATTER DAYS".

When God gives us the visual fulfillment of TWO prophetic binary events TO WATCH FOR as VISUAL SIGNS for us to see BEFORE OUR EYES why would any WATCHING Christian  ignore Him ?

THE BOTTOM-LINE  is this : WATCH for Iran to BEGIN a full-scale war against Israel because we are told that THE RAPTURE of His Church will follow within a matter of ONLY A FEW DAYS according to:

Luke 21:28

"When YOU SEE these things BEGIN to happen,  LOOK UP , and lift up your heads because your redemption ( the redemption of our bodies , ie. the rapture ) DRAWS NEAR."

According to Your Holy Word, come  Lord Jesus !