Garry B (5 Dec 2021)


Scripture plainly says that the "FALLING AWAY FIRST" is directly connected to Satan , and his anti- Christ being revealed as a consequence of "A FALLING AWAY" HAPPENING "FIRST"  BEFORE the anti-Christ can be  revealed according to :

2 Thessalonians 2:2-3

".....the Day of Christ ( the resurrection/rapture ) is at hand. .......for THAT DAY shall NOT COME , except there come A FALLI NG AWAY FIRST , and that man of sin be revealed ( the anti-Christ ), the son of perdition.

 The above Scripture states that  BEFORE the resurrection/rapture can happen, SOMEONE MUST FALL AWAY FROM SOMEWHERE.  The answer to that question is given in the following Scripture :

Luke 10:18 ( Jesus speaking )

"And He ( Jesus ) said unto them , I beheld SATAN , as lightening,  FALL FROM HEAVEN." 

2 Thessalonians 2:6-8

"And now you know what withholdth .......until he ( Satan )  BE TAKEN OUT OF THE  WAY , and then shall that Wicked One ( the anti-Christ ) be revealed." 


Because God WILL NOT allow Satan to be present in heaven when Jesus resurrects/raptures His Body of Christ Church to heaven, the "FALLI NG AWAY" of Satan from heaven must happen "FIRST" .

SATAN is the one ,who is "TAKEN  OUT OF THE WAY" FIRST , does the "FALLING AWAY" from heaven  BEFORE the Day of Christ can come, which is the RESURRECTION/RAPTURE of the Church to heaven.  SATAN'S "FALLING AWAY" from heaven to earth then allows the resurrection/rapture of the Church to heaven to happen; Satan, AFTER arriving on the earth then reveals his anti-Christ according to Revelation 13.

The detailed scenario of SATAN'S "FALLING AWAY" from heaven after his being "TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY"  by being cast out of heaven, THUS ALLOWING THE RESURRECTION/RAPTURE of the Church to happen is according to : Revelation  12:7-12.

According to Your Holy Word, come Lord Jesus !